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Japan Art Memory co.Ltd. ihttp://www.artmemory.co.jpj
addres:1-11-8 arai Nakano-ku Tokyo 165-0026 JAPAN
Phone:813-3388-8266 Fax: 813-3388-8268 email:info@artmemory.co.jp

We found that the buddhistic Merchandise is not only for buddhists but like you and everybodyelse. We sold more than 4 thousand different items in our experience,which includes each denomination's Buddh,Buddhist alter,Textbook, Beads, Temple's souvernir, Buddh's arts, accessary and much more. Since the Buddhism became very popular in last 10 years
We developed our own factory to produce your special needs also, we work with Buddha's preists overseas including Japan.
As you may aware that we also well known to serve very scarcity Value items, which you will not easily get such products in Japan or elsewhere in the World.
We also developed quick delivery distribution systems all over the World (quick and economical)
Please open our homepage to see our item list of more than 4 thousand merchandises.

Special offer!!
Attention : Foreign Buyers.
When you faces language barrier, Will assist youout as your agent with nominal fees


This is buddhist alter shop in Ymanashi-
prefecture,which is our affiliate.

Buddhist statues
Six Shoukannon (Avalokitesvara)
FRP statues Buddha
Silver statues Buddha
Formal Nenjyu ( juzz Rosary)
Informal Nenjyu ( juzz Rosary)
Bracelet Nenju (Rosary)
Buddhist art
Buddhist goods

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